We have been engaged by a wide variety of junior and mid tier companies with the objective of having management’s plans better understood by potential investors in the UK and Europe. Completed capital markets engagements in the past couple of years have included :

BCI Minerals, Tethyan Resources, Tower Resources, Potash Ridge,  BTU Metals, Redstone Mining, JHI Guyana, Discovery Polska, Sahara Group, Petroleos Monterrey,  Hillcrest Petroleum, Canadian Foresight Group, Caledonian Royalty, Higol, Horizon Petroleum, IFR Mexico, Oracle Energy.

Our special situations team have also worked with a variety of non-resource sector (but data driven) junior companies seeking some initial presence here in the UK :                                   GoverMedia Plus, Crossject, Aequus Pharma, Medicenna Pharma, Eurocontrols, Grenville Strategic, Infotel SA, Siyata Mobile.

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