We are in ongoing discussions for additional energy and mining SCOTs analysts. These roles may be more suitable for experienced sector practitioners though not exclusively from mainstream City research firms. We also encourage dialogue from junior buy side/sell side resource sector analysts. We are seeking mainly part time roles from a geographically diverse group of individuals and are aiming to develop a fully functioning click-through process for around 1000 resource sector companies over the next 12 months.

The research product will be delivered through a dedicated platform that meets the key usage criteria of different customer types, from mainstream buy-side institutions to individual subscribers. We see the need to maintain an open dialogue with issuers whose opportunity we will present objectively and independently. The qualitative and narrative assessments in these one page SCOTs will be data driven and it will up to subscribers to determine the relative investment merits of the issuer. It is the continuous quality of the editorial and its independence that will determine adoption rates. The intention is to allow a large prospective customer group to quickly assess the relationship between asset quality and enterprise value. Ease of use, ease of access, data reliability and product freshness will be the key components.

We will avoid specific stock ratings ratings and will not be offering trading facilities – a pure subscription revenue model with minimal reliance on advertising.

We seek to maintain independence from the resource sector issuers we cover and will encourage authors to distill the key elements of a 25 page marketing document to a single one page SCOT. We propose authors deploy a variety of secondary sources including interview videos, blogs, MD&A and annual/quarterly reports. Primary sources of intelligence including site visits and management interviews will be beneficial but our aim is first to produce a credible assessment of the technical merits, followed by an understanding of management commitment. We seek credible and continuous coverage of these 1000 resource sector juniors and expect to supply the key technical data and EV ratios around which all companies will be aggregated and scored against their peers. Buy side clients and listed company issuers will access properly categorized and technically savvy data sets leading to improved capital allocation through greater transparency.

We perceive the market need to be access to a high degree of capital markets intelligence with less than 60 seconds viewing.  MiFiD II was not the long awaited moment which triggered the idea of a new research brand but its timing may have been helpful. We are looking for a mix of common sense, judgement and experience –  as well as more traditional financial qualifications where appropriate.

Be in touch if you have some interest in how we can work together.

No employment agents or headhunters, please.



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