Our main focus is the Natural Resources sector and we offer aggregated capital markets data alongside an understanding of asset quality. By combining technical and financial sector knowledge, we help both issuers and investors deploy capital more effectively.

We offer searchable data sets and combine these with our one page research summaries (SCOTs). Structured Data Systems Ltd (‘SDS’), a wholly owned subsidiary of USIL, continues to develop a growing data library on over 1500 upstream energy and mining groups. The vast majority of these companies are pre-cash flow and are therefore dependent on the equity capital markets. Few junior names meet the liquidity requirements of generalist portfolio managers, wealth managers and family offices. Institutional sponsors, brokers, banks and potential shareholders become scarce as enterprise values drop below $1bn. Of 1500 miners whose asset and valuation data we track, only 60 have enterprise values above $1bn. By publishing aggregated data and building a fully searchable directory, we aim to improve the way in which issuers and specialist capital sources are connected.

Our special situations group works with a range of unlisted UK businesses, typically family controlled and considering ways of accessing some form of external capital. We help management plan the route to market and assess the merits of crowdfunding, private placements, EIS eligibility as well as Series A venture capital.